Success Stories from Happy Non Smokers

by | Sep 19, 2022

We do not ask for testimonials as you are walking out from the ‘SIMPLY EASY‘ METHOD seminar as some companies do, this makes the person feel ‘obliged’ to say they are a non smoker, which isn’t a true testimonial at all. We already know you are leaving us as a HAPPY NON-SMOKER and feeling relaxed and revitalised. To put people on film expressing this and then publishing it like a genuine success is just plain deceiving – and trust us, there are a few Quit Smoking companies who do just that!

Our testimonials are ALL genuine, and come from people who have used and succeeded using the ‘SIMPLY EASY‘ METHOD. They are usually emailed months after a seminar.

Hypnotist Mark Anthony also receives so many past client referrals – so he knows first hand that the ‘SIMPLY EASY‘ METHOD is working… otherwise people wouldn’t recommend it.

Below are just some of the amazing success stories and testimonials:

1. Hi Mark,

Firstly I would like to say THANK YOU
I have not felt so good in like forever!
I have QUIT smoking for good!!!
I have had a number of potential “excuses” to take up the nasty habit again but I
It was SO EASY to quit smoking as I have tried to quit before to no avail but now I
can say

Thank you,

2. Hi Mark

I was a smoker for 42 years and I am only 55 years old. When I was at school I was already smoking OP’s (other peoples). I would have smoked equivalent to 2-3 cigarettes a day. For all this time I thought I was a non-smoker because I rarely smoked a whole cigarette and never actually bought a packet. When I met my partner she smoked about 10 cigarettes a day. Actually it was 8 cigarettes a day because I was there to smoke the other two. Over the last 12 months she talked about quitting and we would light up another one. I found out that she organized to attend a seminar with Mark Anthony. I thought I didn’t need to go as I believed I was a ‘non-smoker’.I ended up attending the seminar to support my partner and now I can truly say that I am a ‘HAPPY JOYOUS NON SMOKER’. I didn’t think that attending one lousy seminar would cure me from this filthy habit but apparently it did. I have not puffed on a cigarette since the seminar which was 7 days ago.

Thank you Mark Anthony!!!!!!!


Jose Cruz

3. Twenty eight days ago Janice and Myself parked our car at fenix gym at Nerang and walked in
looking for our good friend Mark. For nearly forty years both of us had been heavy smokers but today (15 th May)was going to be the day we gave it up .We had booked into Mark’s Simply Easy stop smoking Hypnosis session about three weeks earlier. During that three weeks I kept telling myself and anyone who would listen that on the 15 th may I was going to give up smoking , I promised myself that I would stop for several reasons, namely my health,  I want to see our grandchildren grow up, I want to grow old with Janice and I could not justify the three hundred dollars a week we were burning to kill ourselves. One of our grandchildren would look at us smoke and comment that smokers were jokers ,he is only six and a half years old.
Mark you are a ……. legend, I have not even felt like having a smoke since attending your seminar.
As you know mate I drive a truck at night and had every opportunity to pull over and buy a packet, for the first couple of weeks I would tell myself that it felt like a dream and I was waiting to crash and burn but now I know that I am a very happy non-smoker and I owe it all to you. The follow up emails ( all 21 of) were so on the money with how we would be feeling and what we were thinking.THANK-YOU MATEI would tell anyone who wants to listen that Mark Anthony will not tell you that you must stop smoking. What he will do is destroy every myth that we believe are our reasons for smoking.I do believe that before attending Mark’s Simply Easy Stop Smoking Seminar you must want to stop smoking and believe that you can because I did and I have.

Thanks Mark,


We have so many more testimonials from Happy Non SMokers who have stopped smoking using the Simply Easy Method, but don’t take our word for it, why not Stop Smoking using the Simply Easy Method yourself, watch the FREE video series now!