Smokers Face Challenges Daily

by | Sep 20, 2022

Smokers will struggle because of the numerous special difficulties they encounter every day. Smokers have a variety of difficulties, from social to professional to living arrangements to simple logistical concerns like where you may smoke at all. Naturally, smokers face a wide range of health issues, and this should be your top priority. But aside from that, you’ll come up against many more difficulties.

In addition to health risks, it is becoming more common for restaurants, cafes and other places to be unpleasant to smokers. For instance, just a very small number of the 50 states in the U.S alone still permit smoking, and there are signs that this number may be declining, as it is in many countries around the world. You will constantly need to go to the smoking area even at bars and restaurants that do permit smoking, which will restrict your options for where to go, it’s happening all the time.

Additionally, some restaurants may forbid children in specific areas, making this an even bigger issue if you have kids. Furthermore, even in states where it isn’t strictly prohibited, there are still probably going to be a lot of eateries, pubs, clubs and cafes that forbid it.

Socialising Issues
Smokers also have social difficulties. There is a significant social stigma associated with smoking nowadays as a result of the campaigns against it that have been running in many locations for decades, globally. This will obviously be stronger in some locations than others, but it can still be very difficult. You run the danger of getting a filthy look from just about everyone nearby if you feel like you need to get your fix just to get through the day. Even when you’re technically in a so-called smoking area and the parents and kids are in a non-smoking area, if you smoke near a youngster, the smoke can drift and this can irritate them.

I’m sure we’ve all seen and heard people shouting at smokers if they feel that the smoker is in their space, it happens more often than not, and can be quite worrying.

Locating Housing For Rentals or Buying
Smokers also have a lot to worry about because many residential spaces, including condos and apartments, are non-smoking places. Legally, you basically aren’t allowed to smoke anywhere in your home. Naturally, this will depend on the location, but many liberal areas where you might require accommodation will punish you severely if you try to smoke if you get discovered.

In fact, a lot of condos and apartments have carbon dioxide detectors that are compelled by law to be there in order to prevent fires. Therefore, if you try to smoke in such an apartment, you could set off a fire alarm, informing everyone in the entire building that you smoke and potentially causing a tense situation.

Conflicting with Local Laws
Depending on where you are and what you’re doing, the law is continually changing. For instance, smoking cigarettes in a moving vehicle will soon be prohibited in many states and cities. There will be some shopping malls where smoking is completely prohibited. Some shopping centres or public spaces may even go so far as to impose blanket prohibitions throughout the mall’s grounds.

Again, this implies that strictly speaking, you are not permitted to leave the shopping mall, proceed to a remote area of the grounds, and light up there. If you try doing this and the police find out, you could potentially get punished!

Finding and Keeping a Job
Are you aware, that in the US, and we have no doubts this will in fact become the law in many other countries, many employers forbid smoking while you work for them? However, once again, in different states, different rules and state differences apply. Some companies have made an effort to lessen this by passing rules that forbid employers from treating smokers unfairly in a number of ways, including by refusing to hire them. However, if this isn’t the case at your place of employment, it can be difficult for you to obtain work at all if you absolutely need to smoke during the day.

Again, smoking may be prohibited across the entire building where you work, so you can’t even go outside to smoke during breaks. Therefore, if you can’t smoke and have desires during the day, it will be difficult for you to maintain employment.

The fact that smoking is more often than not now prohibited in almost all airports just puts the nail in the coffin for smokers, as more and more rules and laws are making life more difficult for smoking travellers. For security concerns, smoking is prohibited in many airports, which is against the law. This implies that if you smoke, you will need to prepare for urges in advance or just accept the fact that you can only take short flights.

Issues Smokers Have You want to stop smoking every day for a variety of different reasons. If you are open minded to something new, particularly after trying out a few other methods, contact us now, and start your Happy Non-Smoker journey immediately!