The Happy Non Smoker Program Sets You Free From The Smoking Trap… Naturally!

So you want to STOP smoking… But you have tried everything in the past and it hasn’t worked!

Whether you smoke one, two, three packs a day or more, or whether you consider yourself a ‘social’ smoker, or only smoke whilst drinking, driving or any activity – The Happy Non Smoker program can work for you.

Using the Simply Easy Method which has proved to be successful over and over again, it’s easy, it’s exciting, and you’ll even ENJOY the process!

No Willpower

No Needles

No Patches

No Gums

No Laser Treatment

No Weight Gain

The HAPPY NON SMOKER Program – Stop Smoking with the Simply Easy Method

The Happy Non Smoker Program is a 21 day online video program where many people stop smoking on day 1 using the Simply Easy Method, and some choose to take up to 21 days.

The Happy Non Smoker Program is a step-by-step process where we help you break down all of the reasons and excuses that you have used to carry on smoking.

Then we help you change the way you look and think about smoking without drugs, pills, laser treatments, nicotine substitutes or willpower.

Why the Simply Easy Method?

  • Simply… Because it has been developed by one of Australia’s leading hypnotists who knows how the smoking mind works
  • Simply… Because it is affordable
  • Simply… Because it is easy and
  • Simply… Because it works!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access to the Happy Non Smoker program?

The Happy Non Smoker course is also offered as an online course, or a face to face course, so if you choose to take the online course you get access to the program modules as soon as you join the program.

You will be given your own username and details for immediate access via you own members area on our website.

You will be sent all log in details via email usually within 10-15  minutes after your payment has been made.

Has the program been successful for many people?

Yes, the Happy Non Smoker program using the Simply Easy Method has been very successful for many hundreds of smokers who have stopped smoking since 2008 when it was created by Hypnotist Mark Anthony.

If I buy the online program now can I start it later?

Of course you can! 🙂

You can start the online program anytime you wish, it’s designed for each person to use the program at their own pace, we are all different.

You have lifetime access to the course modules, so when you’re ready you can watch the videos at your own pace.

If I want to take more time than other people, does that mean my course access stops?

There is no wrong or right in how long each person takes to stop smoking.

Each person takes it at their own pace, and if you decide to join the online course your course access never expires, so take as long as you like.

Some people take as little as 1 day to stop smoking, others will choose up to 21 days, some more, it’s a personal choice.

We just want you to start the course as a smoker, and finish the course as a Happy Non Smoker! 🙂

I'm not on Facebook, so what do I do about the support?

Having Facbook isn’t a necessity, it’s just an easier and more convenient to access and support from our Private Facebook Group where you’ll find support from other members, our team and Mark Anthony himself.

Whether you have Facebook or not, you will still have access to our incredible support team.

What about cravings or withdrawals?

We have some great news for you, cravings if any, will be minimal due to the program strategies included for managing your cravings.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, there is a 90 day money back guarantee for those who complete the Happy Non-Smoker program and don’t stop smoking within 90 days.

So, if you join the Happy Non-Smoker program, complete the program fully, and don’t stop smoking you can ask for a full refund.*

(*conditions apply)

Is there a set amount of time I need to put in to the program each day?

No, there is no set amount of time you ahve to invest daily, it’s a personal choice and is different for each person.

As mentioned previously on other pages, many people Stop Smoking in just one day!

However, there are also some who will take their time, so the time you put into the online program on a daily basis is up to you.

How is your program different to other programs?

Many other programs sell you pills, patches, gums, plant extracts, and other replacement products, we don’t!

Mark has been a professional hypnotist for nearly 20 years, the Happy Non Smoker program using the Simply Easy Method has been created to deal with the ‘psychological’ side of stopping smoking, and not just the physical like tablets, gums and nrt products!

Mark has proven time and time again that smoking is more of a psychological issue and not a physical issue and therefore has created the program to work on both.

The Simply Easy Method uses light hypnotherapy, psychology and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to work on your thought processes about smoking, and by using the combination of different modalities your smoking beliefs and behaviour are changed very quickly, and that’s why many smokers stop smoking in just 1 day.


What Do You Get With The Happy Non-Smoker Program

The Happy Non Smoker Program uses the Simply Easy Method which breaks down all of the reasons and excuses that smokers use to smoke.

Then we re-condition the smokers mind to rid them of any desire to smoke, easily and naturally, giving you the pleasure of becoming a Happy Non-Smoker and living a smoke free life.

Daily Support Emails

You will receive daily support emails for 21 days explaining everything that you might need to know on your smoke free journey

Facebook Private Group

Your FREE membership to the Simply Easy Method Facebook page puts you in contact with other like minded people

Hypnotherapy Recording

You will receive a specially recorded Stop Smoking hypnotherapy recording to listen to daily

Happy Non Smoker Ebook

You can also read the Happy Non Smoker ebook written by Mark Anthony to also help you on your Stop Smoking journey

Daily Text Messages

You will receive motivational tips and messages via text for 21 days

Lifetime Access To Modules And Videos

Once you have purchased the Happy Non Smoker program you will have full access  to all course materials for LIFE!

Daily Text Messages

You will receive motivational tips and messages via text for 21 days

30 Day Money Back Guarantee*

If you don’t stop smoking within 30 days of using the Happy Non Smoker Program you get your money back

Other Recordings

We believe that you will be very proud of yourself when you ‘take back your life’ and escape the nicotine trap.

So as part of the Happy Non Smoker program we also want to help you to become even more confident by adding an extra bonus of a Super Confidence recording.

Happy Non Smoker Success Certificate

We want you to be as proud of yourself as we know we will be of you, and so we want to gift you your own ‘Success’ certificate.

You can request your certificate after you have been smoke free for 30 days, so we look forward to sending YOU your success certificate!

No thanks, I would rather remain in the smoking trap for the rest of my life!

More About The Happy Non Smoker Program

To use the Simply Easy Method and the step-by-step system to Stop Smoking you will have to join the Happy Non Smoker program.

The Happy Non Smoker program has been designed to not only help you Stop Smoking, but also to ‘remain’ a Happy Non Smoker… for life!

It has been designed to be a very simple, easy to follow, step-by-step program to help you become smoke free… FAST!

The Simply Easy Method was created to help people become smoke free in just ‘1 session’, and many hundreds have done just that!

However, there are also some smokers who choose to take up to 10 days, and there is no right or wrong, it’s just their personal choice.

There are videos, downloads, recordings, and exercises which include listening to a relaxation/very light hypnotherapy recording to help re condition your mind to a Happy Non Smoker.

The aim of the program is take you through the stopping smoking process, easily, effortlessly, naturally, stress free and without willpower or weight gain.

Everything is the program is easy to follow and in a step-by-step way. You will feel so at ease by just watching the videos and listening to the recordings. 

You will always have the support of the Simply Easy Method team, and of course the support of many other smokers who are now ex-smokers and Happy Non Smokers.

The Simply Easy Method has helped many hundreds of smokers become ex-smokers and Happy Non Smokers and it can help you… FAST!

Just imagine, you could be taking back control of your life, enjoying a smoke free life as a Happy Non Smoker within days!


What Happens After You Sign Up To The Program

Step 1

Just click the ‘Yes! I Want To Join The Program’ button above. A pop up will appear with phone number and email address, call or send an email for a further discussion.

Step 2

Once you have committed to your Happy Non Smoker Program either in person or online, you will then receive an email with further instructions about your Happy Non Smoker Program.

Step 3

You can either start watching your Happy Non Smoker program videos immediately online, or wait for your in person confirmation.