Why is stopping smoking so hard?

by | Sep 13, 2022

Even once smoking’s harmful effects start to outweigh its purportedly beneficial advantages, bizarrely enough many smokers still light up. The weariness, coughing, shortness of breath, lethargy, and other problems induced or made worse by smoking outweigh the momentary respite that comes from smoking a cigarette. Many people in this situation have contemplated stopping, some have even made an attempt, yet they continue to light up every day.

Smokers frequently use the excuse that they will stop “some time” to justify their continued use, but this ‘some time’ never seems to come. Some smokers convince themselves that they will never be able to stop smoking, no matter how much they want to: “I just don’t have enough willpower to do it, I’m not strong enough.”, and yet they’ve used all their willpower to carry on smoking in the first place!

Addiction vs Habit

We think of smoking as a “habit” rather than an addiction, which is one of the main reasons individuals struggle or fail to stop. One of the most addictive drugs on this planet is nicotine, according to research, which means that if you’re told that by scientists and specialists it must be true, so you believe it even more. A habit is entirely different, like biting your fingernails. The habit of biting your fingernails is a very different type of habit, and if you don’t bite your fingernails for a few hours or so, you don’t tend to get withdrawals.

Although biting your fingernails is not recognised to be a cancer-causing activity, it’s still. a habit and not good for you. If it were a cancer-causing habit, many more nailbiters would stop biting their nails very quickly. What distinguishes smoking? For the majority of people, fingernail biting is not an addiction, just a habit, although there may be some exceptions for those who are battling with a compulsive activity. Despite the well-known and visible negative effects of smoking, nicotine has been designed to make us feel as though we must continue to smoke.

Nicotine addiction affects smokers every day in so many ways. Everyone who smokes has one thing in common: They are all nicotine addicts, regardless of their age, creed, colour, religion, shape, size or anything else!