Setting your 15 minutes or less Stop Smoking plan

by | Sep 15, 2022

Firstly, you need to understand that stopping smoking is a ‘recipe’, and just like baking a cake, if you don’t follow the recipe it’s not going to work!

How many times have you ‘not’ followed the instructions/recipe to build some new furniture and all of a sudden you have screws left over, bolts left over, maybe even a spare piece of wood, and all because you didn’t follow the instructions/recipe, I can tell you that I have done it many times! 🙂

Here’s your 3-step recipe for Stopping Smoking which can be done as quickly as 15 just minutes or less.

Step 1: Pick a ‘Definite’ Stop Date
Every effective stop plan includes choosing your smoke-free day, which practically every satisfied ex-smoker has done.

Setting a STOP DATE will prevent you from easily delaying your effort to stop.

Because simply stating “I’m stopping on New Year”, ‘I’m stopping after my birthday,” “I’ll stop when I’m not so stressed,” or “after that holiday because cigarettes are cheap where we’re holidaying”, there will always be an excuse if you don’t set a STOP DATE.

That’s too ambiguous, no. A specific stop date is required, in fact, it’s a must-do if you want to be successful

And I do realise that it could be a little unsettling to consider changing your life after a certain date, however, it must be done if you ‘truly’ want to Stop Smoking.

However, the truth is that including a date in your stop plan will help you mentally prepare and wrap your head around the notion of quitting.

And if you do, you won’t experience hardly any, if any at all withdrawal symptoms when the time to stop comes around.

So, why not open your calendar now and select the day you want to stop.

Then decide when you’ll have your final cigarette, and make a true commitment.

This day can be on a Monday before work or on a Wednesday, hump day after everyone has gone to bed and you have some alone time.

A life transformation can happen at any time, and has for many millions of ex-smokers around the world.

I explain everything you need to know about the steps you need to take to stop smoking, and how to apply them to your effort in the FREE videos online. (if you haven’t yet watched the FREE videos that I’ve recorded for you, please do yourself a favour and go and watch them now!)

So, your first step to success has been accomplished if you have written down your stop date and placed it in your calendar, on your fridge, on your mirror, or wherever you can see it to remind yourself of your upcoming success as a Happy Non-Smoker.

Step 2: Now make your Stop list
One of the best things to do to prepare yourself to stop smoking is to write a stop list!

A stop list, what’s that you might ask?

An easy answer is that a stop list is a list of everything you need to do and accomplish before you light up your final cigarette, thus making stopping easier for you.

There is no better time to write ‘by hand’ your stop list than now!

Don’t be like some other smokers who wait until the very last minute to write their stop list, otherwise it may just cause stress, anxiety, procrastination and more, and that’s not what you want.

I have put a list together for you, just cross off the list of each task that you’ve done, and feel really good about achieving that in itself.

After reading the list once, start crossing off the tasks that you have finished, and if you want to change anything on the list please feel free to do so.

Here’s The List:
. Call a friend or relative who can help in any way if you need them

. Throw away all ashtrays or smoking paraphernalia

. Don’t keep any cigarette packs or cigarettes within reach, they will just be temptations, it’s how the tobacco giants keep some smokers coming back, don’t be one of them

. Let your friends and family know that you are stopping smoking (it helps many ‘stick’ to their decision to stop)

. Remember that you might feel a little overwhelmed but nobody has ever died of being overwhelmed by stopping smoking, plenty have died from smoking

. Make a commitment to yourself that you stay away from smokers until you’re satisfied that you can easily be around smokers without temptation

. Always remember that you are HAPPY about being a non smoker, so there’s no need to get irritable or frustrated

. You can deal with any urges or potential withdrawals by saying “I am a Happy Non Smoker” to yourself (write it down)

. Keep yourself occupied with positive things that have nothing to do with smoking

. Keep your hands busy, hold a straw, or a pen, write something, juggle some balls, squeeze a stress ball, just keep your hands busy in the initial stages

. Do not use nicotine patches or gums, or any other nicotine replacement products, otherwise, you are just replacing nicotine with nicotine!

. Nicotine replacement products only deal with physical withdrawal, Simply Easy Method deals with the Psychological side of the withdrawal which is 90% of it

. Keep a list fo your reasons for wanting to Stop Smoking in your pocket or purse and read them often

. Always praise yourself, be proud that you are strong enough, empowered enough to be an ex-smoker and Happy Non Smoker

. Make sure to treat yourself to a job well done each day

. Due to stopping smoking, your taste buds and sense of smell will return more and more and some people may put on a little weight, so always keep your food consumption under control, walk more, drink more water, find a ‘natural’ diet plan, maybe one like the ‘Weigh Too Easy’ weight loss program which is totally natural –

. Many smokers are used to having a cigarette after a meal, prevent that old habit by getting up and brushing your teeth as soon as you have finished your meal

Step 3: What Are Your Reasons For Stopping Smoking?
. A great way to help with your stop smoking plan is to write down ‘by hand’ why you are stopping smoking, it keeps reminding you what your reasons are and will help you immensely in your stop smoking plan

. Your motivation for stopping smoking once written down ‘by hand’ will help you in many more ways than you can ever imagine

. When you have more of a desire to STOP SMOKING, than a desire to smoke, it will make stopping so much easier

It’s been scientifically proven that writing down anything by hand works on our mind and brain much better, so writing your reasons by hand for stopping smoking, and we all have them, will work amazingly well for you

. Write down a minimum of 10 reasons, and up to 90 reasons if you can, and many of my stop smoking clients have done just that

Here are a few examples of how you might want to write your list, and remember they have to have meaning to you:

  1. I am stopping smoking to be healthier
  2. I am going to walk more due to be healthier
  3. I want to live longer
  4. By stopping smoking I will live longer
  5. I will save money by stopping smoking
  6. I will go on my dream holidays with the money I save from stopping smoking
  7. I will breathe more easily when I stop smoking
  8. I will be able to walk further by stopping smoking and breathing easier
  9. I will be a good role model to my children when I stop smoking
  10. I will have my taste buds and sense of smell back when I stop smoking

    I’m sure you get the gist of what can be on your list!

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